How To Avoid House Pet Allergy

Many people want to have many pets at their house and they can be their best friends as well. But the same pet can be their worst enemy if the people have the problems of allergies and asthma.


An allergic reaction to the available of protein in the various parts of the animals’ body such as skin cells, urine or saliva is known as pet allergy. The ordinary symbols of the pet allergy are hay fever, sneezing and sneezing and the nose running. The main source of the pet allergy is the animal fur but cat, dog, horse and rodents mainly caused the pet allergy.

In the United States six out of the 10 people suffer from the allergy that is arise from the cats and dogs. Above thousand million population of the pet are in the united states or nearly four pets for all 10 people. Nearly about 15 percent to 30 percent of the allergies are seen form the cause of the cats and dogs. The person having the dog allergy may be allergy to any dogs or just few breeds and the cat allergies are more common than that of the dogs.


The function of immune system cell is to search the foreign material like bacteria and the viruses which get rid of them. Usually this function help form getting suffer form vary dangerous diseases. People may have supersensitive immune system those having the pet allergies that can easily respond harmless protein to the dander, saliva or urine of the pet. Such protein is termed as allergens.

So the secretion of the fluids as shed dander of the pet consists the allergens. These are generated on the fur and other areas. Their strength not usually loses due to the allergens for a long duration. They are usually seen to be adhere to wall and muggy. The hair of the pet does not contain allergen but it can just collect dander which harbors other allergens.

Response to dog and cat allergens lands on the covering which lines nose and eyes consisting of itching of the membrane, swelling. The skin parts become red due to the pet scratch and lick. For nearly about 20 percent to 30 percent people having asthma, cat contact cans asthma attack. The chronic asthma may also occur due to the cat allergies.


Pet allergy can easily be diagnosed. The doctor may diagnose through taking medical history or blood testing of the patient if the pet allergy is alleged. Few people may attached to the pets that they will reject the pets may occur their symptoms. The patient is detached through the animal environment in this case. This does not help on removing the cats and dogs.

One of the best ways to prevent the allergy is to stop contact with both cat and dogs or their dander. You can take your pet out of the house for avoiding visiting with pets. It will provide you a great relief it you avoid the cat and dog instead of taking medication. The pet outdoor will help you but will not provide rid the house of the pet allergens.